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Encouragement You Can Read, See, & Wear

As an Ex-Victim, I have learned the importance of encouraging myself when all I could see was the darkness. Blooming in the dark is about finding the healing and redemption in the loneliest, darkest places. I had to learn to surround myself with reminders of positive thoughts and feelings. I needed to be reminded to have hope. I needed to know I was not alone. I needed to know that others had made it through.

Bloom In the Dark is a book that will let you know you are not alone in your hurt or abuse. Through 30 stories, poems and letters, women will share true testimonies of how they survived and found healing and redemption. 

The shirts, bookmarks and necklaces are just meant to be encouragement you can see that will remind you of the hope found in the book, Bloom In the Dark. Don't stay a victim. Become an Ex-Victim like me. Then, share this hope and encouragement with others.