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About the book, Bloom In the Dark:

Have you ever experienced a hurt that didn't qualify for a sympathy card? Did embarrassment or shame keep you from getting help or support? Do you have a loved one who's been abused?

Many women face trauma and abuse. In the pages of Bloom In the Dark, you will read 30 stories, poems, and letters that tell these testimonies.* Without sugarcoating her situation, each woman shares her pain, how she made it through, and how God met her. Our journeys to healing are different. Your story may not be reflected in the pages of this book, but you will see that you are not alone. We can all reach out to the same God who helped each of these women. Christ will meet you, carry you, hold you, and heal you, too!

*Warning: Best when read with tissues and a box of chocolates.

About Paula Mosher Wallace:

Born in the Amazon jungles of Peru to missionary parents, I began life with a different perspective. Spanish was my first language. I learned about flushing toilets and air conditioning when I was seven. Living in south Georgia, I studied in English until I graduated. My adventures since then have included time in Alaska and Canada. Needless to say, I've enjoyed a broad range of climates over the years.

Now, as a single mom, homeschooling three boys in Tennessee, I am enjoying a whole new set of adventures. We enjoy swimming, hiking, roller skating, and playing board games.

I am grateful that God has healed me of so much over the years. My past does not define who I am or what my life is like. I am a living testimony of God's healing power--body, soul, and spirit. I hope my writing always brings glory to my Creator!